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You run a business in travel industry. To us, that means highly competitive environment, complex websites with large number of pages, and specific audience.

We are specialized in helping travel industry to improve their online revenue. Discover how



Your website is leaking potential customers at every step of their journey, from arrival to purchase. Return Based helps you identify and plug the holes to convert more visitors into paying customers.


Once we have identified the weak points on your website, we help you understand what elements on the page should be improved to get better results, and we back it up with hard data to make sure that the changes are always improvements.


At Return Based, we consider every element of your digital identity to be connected. Modifying something on your website means we're going to ask ourselves how it affects your social media, inbound links, advertising strategy, etc. We bring a strong marketing experience, and we think globally.

They trust us


Our Process

  1. 1. In-depth analysis

    Who are your visitors? Who are converting into customers? Why are they coming to your website?

  2. 2. Research

    We streamline the typical traveller’s path through all the options to a happy customer and effective sale

  3. 3. Testing strategy

    How to go further than designing a bigger “book now” button…

  4. 4. Experimental pages

    Time to test the changes most likely to result in lasting improvement in conversion rates

  5. 5. Data processing

    We want to use this new knowledge on other elements of your web assets

  6. 6. Continuous improvement

    We will teach your team how to seduce and delight your leads long into the future.

How We Work

We propose a 3 months starting plan, which is our minimum commitment period to start increasing your conversion rate and revenue. However, if you feel after one month we’re not the right fit, you get a 100% refund.

1. In-depth analysis

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Before starting to think about doing anything on your website, there are plenty of things we need to understand: Who are your visitors? Who among those are converting into customers? Why are they coming to your website? What are their characteristic behaviours?

You have already tried many things to improve your results, we need to understand the history of your digital strategy, and to assess you through your average customer’s eyes.

2. Research

A peculiarity common to travel industry websites are their very large number of pages. You probably want to offer your visitors as many options as possible in hotels, airline companies, places of interest, and the rest of what makes travelling fun. In addition, you probably want to propose extra content, extra services, various landing pages – we’re used to the expansive nature of the travel industry, and we’ve worked with travel companies large and small to deliver the experience they want to offer.

We have developed knowledge and processes for streamlining the typical traveller’s path through all the options to a happy customer and effective sale, working with your particular website and its complexities.

3. Testing strategy

Once we have understood the traveller’s journey through your website and identified weak points, we need to develop a strategy to guide visitors step by step through the conversion process.

This doesn’t necessary mean designing a bigger “book now” button… Maybe a visitor has come to you from a travel blog, and maybe he’s on your website only dreaming about white sandy beaches and will book a flight only 6 months later. The travel industry is not simply e-commerce, visitors are in a particular state of mind that we need to take in account.

4. Experimental pages

Once we have developed a clear strategy which will encompass every single element of your online presence, it’s time to identify and test the changes most likely to result in lasting improvement in conversion rates. This classic A/B testing phase only comes after very careful preparation, but even then we need statistically significant results to our tests, not simple feelings. That means a long term commitment, and we don’t want to try random modification wasting your time and ours.

5. Data processing

Having better results on an experimental page does not only mean this page is better designed. It also means something in what we changed spoke to your visitors, that we need to understand deeper; we don’t want to stop there, the next steps are waiting! We want to use this new knowledge on other elements of your web assets.


Our commitment to improve the efficiency of your web assets doesn’t have to be only a single shot, an temporary uptick in results only to be lost over time. What you will really get from us is a better understanding of your visitors, leads and customers. We will teach your team how to seduce and delight them again and again, long into the future.

is optimization that important ?


One of our team members, most likely Freddy, will contact you within 1 business day to discuss your goals and see how we can help to reach them

Meet The Team

Fred_BW - 398x398
Big chief
Frederic (or Freddy) is the business lead and the mastermind behind the work we provide for our customers. He created…
  • Leadership 95%
  • Creative 70%
  • Project management 90%
Data expert
Andrew is our data and conversion expert. He combines his artificial intelligence degree, years of coding and entrepreneurship experience into…
  • CRO technical approach 95%
  • Leadership 70%
  • Marketing strategy 80%
CRO specialist
Cody is our marketing analyst: he helps taking in the complete pictures, from SEO issues to customer services, including social media and…
  • Marketing 90%
  • Social media strategy 80%
  • Website optimisation 70%
UI / UX designer
Mathieu is the user experience and graphic design specialist of the team. Once a strategy and the ideas are on…
  • User experience 90%
  • Graphic design 80%
  • Communication 80%
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